Planning a wedding is never an easy task that you can get done in a matter of a few hours. There are many details that you need to take care of. One of the first tasks in your to-do list should be to design a beautiful wedding invitation card.

Some couples believe that a wedding invitation is an unnecessary additional wedding cost. Their excuse is that there is no need to spend money on something that people are simply going to throw out. This is not entirely false.

If you have a plain or boring wedding invitation card design, it is likely that the people you send it to won’t value it and they will eventually throw it out. However, if you actually put in the time and effort to create a beautiful wedding invitation card and choose to work with a reputed online wedding invitation maker, then your card is sure to stand out. In other words, you will be creating and sending out cards that people would love to keep safe and to remember your wedding by.

Today, there are plenty of options available to soon-to-be-married couples who are looking to buy wedding invitation cards that not only they, but their guests will treasure. Whether you are going for an online wedding invitation card or hiring the services of a wedding invitation shop, you have multiple options for every style and budget.

If you are wondering whether you should invest in a wedding invitation card for your special day, here are a few reasons that you should.

PAS-STA-INV-1 Passport Stamp Invitation Card

1. It helps to create excitement and anticipation about the wedding

Sending out these invitations to your friends and family will have everyone (not just you and your partner, but the guests too!) feeling excited about your big day. A thoughtfully-designed wedding invitation card will place everyone in an anticipatory and joyous mood. The more enthusiastic everyone is, the more fun you are bound to have when the day comes. A professionally-designed wedding invitation card with good quality prints and paper will reflect on who you are as a couple. It is an emblem of your sincerity in appreciating personal relationships.

2. It is a way to set the tone of the wedding and create a first impression

Your wedding invitation is the first encounter that your guests will have with you before the actual event, and it is important that it accurately sets the tone of the wedding that you are planning.

For example, if you want a low-key and simple wedding with only a few selected people as guests, then your wedding invitation card design should convey that clearly. If you are going for an extravagant design complete with silk boxes and satin ribbons, you are setting the tone for a grand wedding with all the bells and whistles. Guests may also know what to expect in terms of your wedding theme, style and colours from the presentation of the wedding invitation card.

FLA-CLO-INV-1 Flaming Clouds Invitation Card

3. It is a reflection of what you are like as a couple

If you are going to buy wedding invitation cards, then you need to ensure that it is an accurate reflection of what you and your partner are like as a couple. Are you thrill-seeking and like to go on adventures? Then, maybe you can have illustrations on your card that show this. If you have any shared interests that have become an important part of your lives, then your wedding invitation design can incorporate those interests into the card.

This couple-identity display on the wedding invitation card helps guests to understand what makes you and your partner compatible with each other. Guests will get a glimpse of your close bond and the inevitable journey towards marriage.

4. It helps you highlight the importance of the wedding

A wedding invitation card designed and created by a trusted wedding invitation shop can help in highlighting just how important your wedding day is for both you and your partner. You want to impart this importance and significance onto your guests too and make them truly feel how special this day is for you. A well-designed wedding invitation can do the job exactly.

5. It is a valuable keepsake

A beautiful wedding invitation card is a valuable keepsake for you, your partner, friends and family. Everyone would want to remember how beautiful and important that special day was. Many couples even choose to keep their wedding invitation in their wedding album amongst all the photos so that it is always in pristine condition through the years. Some couples even have it framed and hung up on their wall.

Blue Nile Evergreen
LUS-CIO-INV-1 Luscious Invitation Card

6. It informs and guides your guests

Last but definitely not least, a wedding invitation should be as informative as it is beautiful. The card will be of no use if it doesn’t share any vital information about the wedding such as the date and time, place, and other crucial details. It is important to provide details such as where the reception would be held, when to RSVP, and if there is any dress code, etc. Make sure that your lovely wedding invitation card includes all these details.

Essential features of a great and impressive wedding invitation card

Wedding invitation cards have been around for centuries and have become part and parcel of all kinds of weddings across religions and cultures. This long-standing tradition of sending out cards for your wedding has resulted in a list of features that are considered essential.

A good wedding invitation card should include the following (where applicable):

  • Location of the ceremony and reception
  • Type of reception (whether it’s cocktail, dinner, formal, etc.)
  • Date and time
  • Dress code or theme of the wedding
  • Directions to the location
  • Wedding schedule
  • Wedding website or registry
  • Response or RSVP card
  • Inner/outer envelope

Alternative options to wedding invitation cards

If you want to create wedding invitation cards online, make sure you hire the services of the best online wedding invitation shop available so that you don’t have to compromise on the quality.

However, if a traditional wedding invitation card is simply not your style, then you can go for alternative options such as sending out an email. If you want to be more creative and quirky, there are fun and innovative wedding invitations that are designed like puzzles, newspapers, maps, board games, scrolls, or messages in a bottle.

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