Best Bedroom Art for Wealth and Bliss

by | Nov 9, 2022 | Interior Decor, Shopping

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The bedroom is a sanctuary for most of us. It is the part of our homes where we can enjoy the most privacy and can connect with our true selves. Usually, the state of our bedrooms is a reflection of what makes us feel comfortable and safe. Bedroom decor and design is an extension of our personality. On this note, placing the right wall art in the bedroom can truly help to create a haven of bliss and longevity.

Creating positive energy in the bedroom

The bedroom is where most of us introspect and recharge. Colours such as purple, yellow and blue are known to project positive energy. Purple and blue are royal colours that represent nobility and power. Yellow evokes optimism and happiness. According to Feng Shui masters, yellow represents sun energy that brightens and uplifts your spirits. Images of the fish, especially the Koi, are thought to ease your cashflow and boost abundance.

Drawing for marital & relationship bliss

The seed of marital relationships are planted in the bedroom. Choose artwork that exactly depicts the direction of your relationship with your spouse or partner. Sensuous pictures show that you place importance in sexual union and pleasure. Flowers symbolise intimacy, gentleness and romance. Art that shows pairings represent a harmonious match between couples.

Art for singles

Just because you’re flying solo, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t feel romantic. So go for floral and animal features. But avoid art that shows a single lonesome tree or a vast desolate landscape that can look depressing and empty. If you like singular subjects, ensure that they occupy a large portion of the canvas to fill up empty space. Cheerful and and colourful art evokes positivity and a carefree spirit. If you are an ardent follower of Feng Shui, frogs are a symbol of health, attract good energy and promote cleanliness.

Getting a good night’s sleep

Place art in colours and features that are harmonious with your bedroom decor. Avoid bold and bright colours that are overly contrasting and stand out too much. Bold wall art are very beautiful but they can be provocative, attention-grabbing and bolster alertness … not exactly what you want if you really need to wind down. Leaves and fronds are images of nature that have a calming effect. Birds, especially in flight, symbolise grace and lightness. Paintings or photographs of the tropical sea may invoke a warm, balmy effect that helps you to feel relaxed and cosy. In Feng Shui, water is associated with fluidity, intuition and wisdom. Always helpful to hang art that makes us smarter!

Bedroom for kids

Children use their bedroom for many activities other than sleeping. Much of their homework and study time are spent in the bedroom. Opt for wall art that makes them feel relaxed and secure, for example, art that depicts the home, love and cuddliness. If they love tigers, avoid fierce representations and choose a cute drawing instead. Colourful art brings joy and cheer. Avoid abstract artwork and colours that the child cannot relate with to prevent a feeling of annoyance and restlessness. Instead, set pictures that are orderly and symmetrical to encourage discipline, orderliness and tidiness.

Art to avoid in the bedroom

Wall art that evokes too much masculine energy should stay out of the bedroom, for example:

  • Stormy waves crashing onto rocks
  • Fire
  • Predatorial animals
  • Harsh scenes and colours
  • Powerful landscapes like mountains
  • Too much gold elements

Feng Shui practitioners may interpret some of these as symbols of power, authority and wealth. Whereas they would certainly be ideal for the boardroom, these would hardly be the right mood to bring into the bedroom.

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